Why Chiropractic is the Key to Wellness

Chiropractic has been around for over a hundred years and until recently, it was thought that one or a few individual bones of our spine could get misaligned or "out" and that the chiropractor’s only job was to put the bone or bones back into alignment or "in".

Being that our nervous system is the master control of our body and that it’s protected by the spine, it makes sense that as Chiropractic has evolved over the years, we now understand that every cell in our entire body is intimately connected to every other cell.  Meaning that, when something happens or is affected in our body, there inevitably will be a domino effect.

Modern-day Chiropractic care no longer focuses just on the neck or the back, but on the entire human body. Because of this, we can no longer think of being subluxated or “misaligned”, as having a bone from our spine out of place. Instead, we realize that each subluxation or pattern of tension exists throughout the entire body. 

Keeping this modern-day Chiropractic focus in mind, to do a thorough job of assisting the patient's body to release and integrate the subluxation, the chiropractor’s job is to remove the tension from the entire body.  When subluxations are allowed to release, the nervous system functions at a higher level, allowing the patient's own body to heal itself and maintain its ever-increasing state of wellness.

At its core, and given the chance, Chiropractic helps each individual reconnect with their innate intelligence – the wisdom each of us is born with. This is why chiropractic care is key to your overall well-being.

Dr. Brad Ellisor from Tenino Chiropractic Wellness Center understands the severe consequences of living a high-paced life. Over the years, he has developed a deep understanding of how the human body works. In his practice, he uses two of the most advanced methods of chiropractic available - Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI) and MC2  - which allows him to view the entire body as an integrated whole, rather than just a collection of parts. This method allows him to use a number of different techniques and approaches to customize the care to suit the needs of each individual.  Just like snowflakes, no two people are the same and no two human bodies act or react the same way to care.

This whole-body approach combined with state-of-the-art diagnostics tool that is used in our office, not only gives Dr. Brad Ellisor and his patients access to the bigger picture of what’s going on in the body, but it gives his patients a higher success rate at long-lasting healing.

Since becoming a chiropractor in 2004, Dr. Brad Ellisor has treated tens of thousands of patients and the results of his modern chiropractic approach are astonishing. His commitment to reconnecting his patients to the lives they love goes beyond a simple chiropractic adjustment. He is continuously learning and educating his patients on the importance of chiropractic care as a part of living a whole and healthy life.

If you would like to learn more about what Dr. Brad Ellisor and Tenino Chiropractic have to offer, feel free to send us a message via Facebook Messenger or give our office a call at 360-264-5999.

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