Are you ready to experience the difference

For some, going to the chiropractor is a simple experience. You go in, get your neck “cracked” and your back “popped”, and within a few minutes you’re on your merry way.

But not all chiropractors are the same.

At Tenino Chiropractic Wellness Center, we like to do things a little differently.

New patients come to us with chronic conditions, injuries or sometimes mysterious symptoms that have proven difficult to treat and diagnose.

Our goal is long-term healing versus temporary symptom relief by finding and correcting the source of what is stopping your body from functioning correctly.

How do we achieve this?

Two essential things are needed for long-term healing:

1. An objective and accurate way to find and monitor the SOURCE of problems in your nervous system.

Tenino Chiropractic Wellness Center uses a diagnostic scanning technology that was originally developed for NASA – the Insight Subluxation Station.

This tool paints a very detailed picture of your entire nervous system and it shows Dr. Brad Ellisor exactly where blockages in your nervous system may be affecting your organs, glands, muscles and energy level.

Thanks to this tool, Dr. Brad Ellisor and his patients have a reliable baseline to document and monitor their progress and healing.


2. Precise and skilled chiropractic adjustments.

After years of study and use of different chiropractic methods, Dr. Brad Ellisor has found the best results using the modern “Integrator” chiropractic tool versus the old “crack” and “pop” method.

This hand-held tool delivers a high-speed impulse to the exact location that requires an adjustment. Because very little force is needed for an adjustment, this tool is safe and comfortable on newborns, seniors, and individuals with serious spinal issues.

The combination of the Insight Subluxation station with Dr. Brad’s adjusting technique has proven time and time again that miraculous change with chiropractic care is possible and worth the effort. 


You may be asking yourself – “is this all really necessary just to relieve my neck or back pain?” The answer is YES. Like any other medical professionals, Dr. Brad Ellisor believes that taking a look at the whole picture before giving the first adjustment is important not just to him but to his patients as well.

After all, wouldn’t you want your cardiologist to take a good look at your heart before prescribing medication or performing surgery? Everyone at Tenino Chiropractic Wellness Center is 110% committed to doing their part in supporting and helping their patients reconnect with the lives they love.

If you’re ready to experience the difference at Tenino Chiropractic Wellness Center or know someone who is, click here to schedule an initial consultation or call our office at 360-264-5999.

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