Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center

State of the art "whole-person" care.  We use an understanding of the human body that incorporates new science in thought, quantum physics, chaos and string theory, and fractal biology to see the system as one dynamic whole.

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Chiropractic Care

At Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center, Dr Brad Ellisor practices one of the most advanced methods of chiropractic available.  He utilizes an approach called Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI) that allows him to view the entire body as one integrated whole, rather than just a collection of parts.  

This method allows him to use a number of different techniques and approaches to customize the care to suit the needs of each individual.  Just like snowflakes, no two people are the same and no two human bodies act or react the same way to care.

Some of the techniques used are:

  • Activator (adjusting with an instrument, or "clicker")
  • Diversified (traditional structural adjustments, usually accompanied by a popping sound)
  • Drop-Table (the table drops or moves a little with the adjustment)
  • Light force manual adjusting (using hands with very low pressure)

Until recently, it was thought that one or a few of the individual bones of your spine could get misaligned or "out".  The job then of the chiropractor was to put the bone or bones back into alignment or "in".

We now understand that every cell in your entire body is intimately connected to every other cell and that you cannot have something occur in the system of the body without it affecting every other part.  No longer can we think of the subluxation being one bone out of place, rather we realize that each subluxation or pattern of tension, exists throughout the entire body.  This means that in order to do a thorough job of assisting the patient's body to release and integrate the subluxation, we have to have it release throughout the entire system.

When the subluxations are allowed to release through the entire body, the nervous system is allowed to function at a higher level, allowing the patient's own body to heal itself and maintain its ever increasing state of wellness.