Learn 10 Keys to Achieve Long Lasting Lifestyle Changes

 This list of 10 proven keys will help you succeed!

At first glance, some of the keys may seem too simple and you may even be tempted to skip some of them. But remember, each key is a significant part of making a successful lifestyle change.

The 10 keys to change are just as important as the goal(s) you've set for yourself.

Trust yourself and fully COMMIT to the process; not just in your head or half-heartedly. Commit to making the effort and taking the time to do each of these 10 keys.

  • Key 1: Make an effort to find what feels good to you.
  • Key 2: Set your intention - understand why YOU want to change.
  • Key 3: Change one behavior at a time - define a specific, realistic, measurable goal and write it down.
  • Key 4: Trust Yourself – from the beginning.
  • Key 5: Find your cheerleaders - ASK for their support. 
  • Key 6: Visualize your success. 
  • Key 7: Keep a daily log to track your progress.
  • Key 8: Acknowledge & reward every small victory.
  • Key 9: Learn how to make NEW habits work FOR you.
  • Key 10: Identify obstacles and triggers that may stop you from reaching your goal - brainstorm ahead of time how to work around them.

​Stay tuned for our next article, where we'll go over what you need to do first before you start tackling your goal.

Remember, it's never too late to make positive lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime!

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