4 easy steps to set your goals

Image A slow, steady approach builds long-lasting change.

Trying to change too many things too fast without having clear, realistic and measurable goals dooms most people to give up on their resolutions after the first few weeks. It has been shown that people who explicitly define their goals are 10 times more likely to reach them.

Here are 4-easy steps to help you set your goals.

  • Step 1: Break it down. If your goal is a major lifestyle change, break it down into smaller steps or goals.  For example: If you haven't worked out in quite some time and your goal is to "Exercise 60 minutes/5 days a week", start with something smaller like "Exercise 30 minutes/3 days a week for one week".  
  • Step 2: Make it yours. Choose a SIMPLE goal that feels good to you and that you feel VERY confident about. Don’t go for something you think you “should” do. For example: Ask yourself - "Can I safely and reasonably accomplish working out 60 minutes/5 days a week?"  If the answer is no, set a smaller, achievable goal until you can answer yes with confidence!
  • Step 3: Be VERY specific. Your resolution should be SMART, meaning - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. Vague goals make it hard to define and commit to the steps needed to achieve them.   For example: "I will add a half cup of vegetables to one meal each day for 30 days while keeping a daily log on my phone".
  • Step 4: Measure your progress. Define a way to log and measure your progress. It helps you track, reinforce and celebrate your successes. For example: Use a notepad app on your phone or a journal to log your progress for the day.

​By following these 4-easy steps, you'll be set up for success! Remember, making a change in your life not only requires commitment, but it also requires planning and organizing yourself. 

Keep an eye out for our next blog post! We will be talking about the importance of creating a support system to help you achive your goal.

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